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How We Prepare A Cash Offer On Your Home

Our Underwriting Department uses all of the data we have, including the details you provided to us, and inputs that data into our computers, where a formula is used to arrive at a price:

We Buy Houses Cash In NJ

[ARV] – [CoR] – [Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit] =

[ Your Amazing Cash Offer ]

We Buy Houses in NJ

After Repair Value (ARV): Visualize those flipping shows on HGTV. Similarly, we will renovate the home to meet today’s standards and upgrades which makes the home more appealing to the masses.  Preparing a home for sale on today’s market takes time and money.  

Cost Of Renovation (COR): These are the costs it will take to modernize your home and make it look like those shiny homes on TV.  This includes hiring a General Contractor, Project Managers, and all of the Repairs including Labor and Materials.  This will also include any added costs that we have to pay while we make these renovations like paying the light bills, interest, landscaping, etc.  

Our Selling Costs: In today’s competitive market, in order to maximize the value we look to take professional videos and pictures, Advertise on Social Media, Stage it with new furniture, hire a selling team, and we also have to pay the taxes incurred during our ownership.  There are other costs but generally selling a property incurs up to 10% of the value of the property.

Our Minimum Profit: Although we make your life easier, the hard work is still being done behind the scenes.  For us to keep our team of professionals efficiently making your job stress free it requires investment.  As a business, we make a minimum profit which allows us to create a process that facilitates the sales of houses much faster and easier than a Realtor would. For example, we buy faster because we do not wait for bank approvals or lengthy inspections like Realtors do.  We are able to do this because we have in-house teams that are experts at all of this and make decisions based on our internal formulas and data.

See How Our Home Buying Process In NJ Looks Like

Visualize your house similar to this one below

Most homes are in similar condition as this one that we paid cash for!

Let us handle the repairs so you can focus on you! We buy houses in ANY CONDITION.

Sell My House Without A Realtor in New Jersey

Did you see that house next door that just sold? Your neighbor may have added a new kitchen, floors, bathroom, and many other upgrades in order to sell it at market value.

Save yourself all of that time and stress by selling your house fast to us!

We will pay you cash for your house, as-is.

Save your time and let us handle the headaches
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