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Are you looking to Sell Your Apartment Building or Commercial Property in NJ?

Commercial property takes a little more expertise to sell than regular residential houses. This is why many building owners looking to sell their properties in NJ opt out for a commercial broker or agent. However, this is very costly and takes time because of the limited amount of buyers that can buy these commercial properties. Helios Buys NJ can by pass all of this and buy your building in NJ without any agents or brokers. We will buy your building in NJ as is also because we prefer to make the updates according to our custom interiors. Sell your building in NJ to Helios Buys NJ and you can avoid paying broker commissions. Selling your apartment building to a direct buyer just got simpler for you! We will skip all of the broker requirements and in many cases, we will buy your building cash. Selling your commercial building for cash can help speed up the process or even avoid many of the requirements that lenders have for buyers. Looking to sell without any repairs or updates? Sell it to us as is!

We Will Buy Your Commercial Building in NJ

Helios Buys NJ is made up of a group of investors who look to buy value add properties in NJ in order to update them according to our internal requirements. Our goal is to always rent them out to military veterans, seniors, and everyday professionals. We could be a great option for you if you are looking to sell directly to a buyer and avoid brokers. In many cases, we can even buy cash by raising the money internally with our own investment partners. This is useful if you are looking to sell an apartment building that is in disrepair or won’t pass inspections or appraisals. Call us first and find out how we are a better option than going through a broker. If you sell your property to us in NJ, you will never have to worry about being charged commissions or fees. We are direct buyers and do not need to go through brokers or agents.

Helios Buys NJ
We Will Buy Your Building in NJ

Sell My Commercial Building Without A Broker In New Jersey!