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What You Need To Know About The Probate Process in Union New Jersey.

The real estate market is a huge business in any economy, especially in New Jersey. As the population grows and housing demand follows, it’s inevitable that there will be more transactions involving property ownership. However, despite the risks involved in buying and selling real estate, it’s still very important to educate yourself about the process. One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Union is not understanding the process of transferring ownership.

So what is a probate anyway?

Selling your house through probate in NJ
Your estate will still need to go through probate in NJ if you left a will or not.

In the state of New Jersey, probate is the legal process that is administered by a court in order to ensure the proper passing of assets from decedent to heirs.  The county surrogate courts are responsible for proving the validity of a will In New Jersey. Your estate may still go through probate if you have a will or even if you don’t. If you do have a will, the person named as the executor will be responsible for the probate filing.  



How to begin the probate process for a house in Union

The probate process in New Jersey can legally start ten days after the person passes away. The executor of the will be expected to file with the county surrogate.  The executor will need to bring the death certificate, all of the names and addresses of the heirs, a check or money order to pay for the fees, as well as the original will. 

What is Probate in NJ
The County Surrogate Court will help administer the estate and assets.

The courts will then appoint an attorney to take care of the sale. In some cases, the attorney will drive the sale forward by working with real estate agents.  However, the seller can work directly with a cash buyer who can substantially reduce their fees and in many cases help the seller walk away without coming out of pocket. Click the link here, fill out the form and we’ll help you get started now.

Okay, my property is on the market, now what?

What is Probate?
Here’s some of the things that probate court does in NJ.

Now, after the property is advertised on the market then it is up to the seller to wait for the buyers to make offers on the property. Once this process is completed, the probate court makes the final decision on who should buy the property done through an auction if there is more than one interested buyer…. This may not work in the favor of the heirs, and we would suggest to have a conversation with Helios Buys NJ to find a better way to sell your probate property in Union.  As you can see from our website we make the process of selling your house in New Jersey easy, no matter the situation from probate to short sales!

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We are always here to help walk you through the probate process for a house in Union, we look forward to speaking with you. 🙂

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