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Helios Buys NJ is New Jersey’s Premier Home Buying Company. We are a Military Veteran Owned Company with a vision to serve our communities, our military veterans, and seniors.

Our founder started his journey in the US Marine Corps at the age of 18. The seeds for HELIOS BUYS NJ were planted during his service in Operation Enduring Freedom. Our sense of duty was born out of this service. Every year HELIOS donates and provides resources to homeless veterans, Senior citizens, and gives back to law enforcement who have been killed in the line of duty. We have dedicated our lives and company to making this world a better place.

We buy houses from everyday people like yourselves and help you sell your house fast because we are a direct buyer. With HELIOS, selling your house will be fast, simple, and easy, and best of all… you can now sell your house without paying commissions or fees.

Military Veteran Owned We Buy Houses Company In NJ

HELIOS CORE VALUES – Why Sell Your House In NJ to Us?

Our passion is helping people and the way we do this is by adhering to our Core Values of INTEGRITY, SERVICE, and EXECUTION. Here at HELIOS, our journey began with our service in the US Marine Corps, which ingrained in us a duty to serve our fellow Veterans and Seniors. Combined with expertise in Real Estate, we use our experiences and skills to help provide results for people like you. Some of the common questions we get and help solve are, “How do I sell my house fast in NJ?” or “How can I sell my house without a Realtor?

Service being of utmost importance to us, we start with the idea of buying these homes from people like you to provide housing to Military Veterans and Seniors. Every year our company takes a number of homeless Veterans off the streets and places them in homes just like yours. We always look to buy, renovate, and either sell or rent to those who need it most. So rest assured, that when selling a home to us, these are the results that matter most to us. 

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Edwin Diaz


Edwin is a US Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Enduring Freedom. After the military, he started a career on Wall st. which began on the trading floor of the NY Stock Exchange. While building his 17-year career, Edwin has managed large teams and headed several departments for some of the biggest Investment Banks in the world.

His passion to help others, especially military veterans & seniors, was the driving force for his investing in Real Estate and starting the HELIOS brand. Since then, and 7 years later, Edwin has been developing residential real estate, helping seniors and veterans with housing, as well as managing a portfolio of rentals that allows us to serve these communities. Edwin spends most of his off time with the 2 loves of his life, his wife Priscilla and their baby Thiago Lorenzo. When time allows, Edwin loves working out, traveling, gardening, and flying planes.

Rafael Rafie Rivera


Rafie’s love for serving others was developed during his 16-year career working in the Hotel & Hospitality industry. While working for some of the most recognized Hotel Brands (Starwood Hotels such as W Hotel brand),

Rafie began a love for serving others and the value of customer service. With a passion for helping underserved communities, Rafie began investing in multifamily properties in low income neighborhoods and has helped 100’s of people avoid homelessness. On his time off, Rafie loves photography, riding his bike, traveling, and dedicating time to his beautiful wife Mery and his daughter Myah.

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Sell Your House to a Reliable Company in NJ
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Rafael Bullet Cepeda

Acquisitions Associate

RC previously worked in the metal restoration business for 17 years before starting his career as a Jr Acquisitions Associate with Helios Buys NJ.

His friends and family nicknamed him ‘Bullet’ because of his passion for Paint Ball and Call of Duty. He spends his weekends persuading anyone who is up to the challenge for a paintball battle. That’s why he shows up on Mondays with paint everywhere. Bullet is also passionate of helping those who are less fortunate than he is and has spent his entire life helping others. He started at Helios with a vision to help buy a house for his mother and improve the lives of his family. So if you get an opportunity to speak to Bullet, make sure to challenge him to a battle of Paint Ball or Call of Duty and he will be happy to take you up on the offer.

Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Pizarro

Project Manager

Jeff has spent the last decade working within the construction industry in New York City. Working for some of the largest construction projects in the country such as Hudson Yards. Amongst some of the roles he’s played in the industry, Jeff has managed cranes, is a certified OSHA safety Instructor and has many certifications in the construction field. Jeff is responsible for all field operations within Helios and oversees construction projects.

Jeff is also a father and loves spending most of his time showing his son how to ride bikes. Aside from this, Jeff is also very passionate about helping low income neighborhoods and has organized various community drives in his old Bronx neighborhood.

sell your home to helios buys nj
Sell your house to helios buys nj

Hazel Barriga

Executive Assistant

Hazel’s passion for assisting and helping others find a solution started at an early age. At the age of 18, she started working for some of the biggest BPO companies with clients across the globe handling Sales, Financial, and Technical accounts. After a year of pure hard work, dedication, and passion for helping others, she was promoted to a Team Leader and eventually became a Team Manager handling groups of Team Leaders. She held this position for 5 years before transitioning into the Real Estate world as one of the top Executive Assistants.

She’s also a proud and loving mother who likes to spend her time off with her daughter and family. During her free time, she enjoys playing mobile games and watching films. So if you are up for a game of Call of Duty Mobile, let me know I’m unbeatable!!! Besides that my go to movie that I’ve watched 1 million times is White Chicks!